Sunday, June 26, 2011

I ♥ my new Yves Saint Laurent earrings

I instantly fell in love with these gold tone vintage YSL logo clip-on earrings when I first saw them on Samantha Jones from the movie Sex And The City 2. They're big bold and sexy, I had to have them! They can make any outfit look fabulous and they will attract a lot of attention. These earrings were a bit difficult to find, but I finally found them on eBay! I'm beginning to have an obsession for vintage earrings.. I really love the way they look, as if its old hollywood glamour! Next on my list are some vintage Chanel earrings I have my eyes on. I just simply love bold earrings and anything that's Chanel.

Samantha Jones

I love the show


  1. I be jealous it. Earrings are gorgeuse

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  3. Where did you happen to get the ones from your picture and how much?