Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fragrances...

Now that my favorite season spring is in the air, I fell in love with these fresh new scents from luxe- designers. My five fave picks are...

♥ 1- Chance by Chanel, the "pink" bottle it has a soft fresh intoxicating scent that will last for a long time! This perfume has a blend of citron, hyacinth, amber, patchouli and jasmine. My all time favorite and signature smell!!!

♥ 2- L'Imperatrice 3 by Dolce&Gabanna, from the D&G Anthology collection it features aromas of watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk. Advertised by supermodel Naomi Campbell, L'Imperatrice 3 is my favorite out of the complete D&G Anthology collection of five!

♥ 3- Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, it has a sweet floral scent with a twist of various notes, this fragrance was just launched this year so it's hot off the market, so cheery its the perfect mood-booster!

♥ 4- Jimmy Choo Parfum simply named Jimmy Choo, being the famous designer first launched fragrance, it is defined as feminine yet empowering with alot of sensuality to it. Fruity with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and indonesian patchouli. It is sexy and irresistable just like jimmy choo heels!

♥ 5- Love by Chloe, the it-girl brands latest feminine and sophisticated soft floral aroma with notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, iris, lilac, wisteria, hyacinth, heliotrope, powdery musk, talc and rice. And although it is the most expensive perfume out of my five fave picks, it is still in my must get list!!!

"Scent is the strongest trigger for memories. How will you be remembered?"

1- Chance by Chanel

♥ 2- L'Imperatrice 3 by Dolce&Gabanna

♥ 3- Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

♥ 4- Jimmy Choo Parfum

♥ 5- Love by Chloe


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