Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Fragrances...

Smell good with these must have scents!!!

#1- Lola by Marc Jacobs, it has a sweet and rich velvety scent (limited edition)
#2- Peace, Love & Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture, has a beautiful floral scent with a glam bottle to match!
#3- Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana, this scent reveals a soft petal by petal rose blend and its luxurious scent include notes of: pink grapefruit, mandarin, peach, muguet, bulgarian rose, and peony
#4- Brit Sheer by Burberry, has a fresh, fruity floral fragrance that is playful and vibrant, embodying the youthful spirit in yourself
#5- Stella In Two Peony by Stella McCartney, a smart casual luxurious fragrance sweet fresh sensual and alluring (limited edition), peony includes notes of: peony, rose, black pepper, amber, patchouli, cedarwood

"Scent is the strongest trigger for memories. How will you be remembered?"


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